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Our expert team will provide you with advice and support on any technical issue regarding the safe. Our engineers can advise you not only on the safes offered on our website, but also on most of the brand models available on the market.

Send us a short e-mail with your question/ issue to info@consumo.lv or call us by phone 67347406.

Emergy opening

If you have lost the safe key or have forgotten a digital combination, our specialists will ensure the quick access to your important valuables and documents.


The delivery and installation of the safe in your home or office is very important issue as in case of many other products. We can solve also very difficult delivery conditions, but considering the size of the safes and their weight, which varies from a few tens of kilograms to several tons, it is important to know the delivery conditions before shipping.

Delivery is carried out with neutral vehicles without company advertising, and safes have inconspicuous packaging, thus respecting discretion.

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