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There is no doubt about what the safe and its main tasks are. It is a safe place to store documents, valuables, money or other items that need special protection against loss, unauthorized access of unauthorized persons, theft, firefighting or other forms of destruction. Today, the safe is an integral part of the office equipment of every company, and more often safes are acquired for private use. You will agree that you would feel more secure if your personal documents, inherited jewelry and important family photos or videos are always in a safe place.


Protection of the important documents and money has been always crucial, and people have hidden their treasures in a variety of ways. There are good reasons why there are stories about the pots with gold hidden in the garden or the walled documents in the basement. The definition of the safe derives from the English word "safe", which in translation means "secure, trusted." The first data about the safe-like item are associated with the 13th century BCE when an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramsey II owned a wooden locked jewelry chest. In turn, the King of France, Louis XVI, who governed in the second half of the 18th century, was proud of a solid iron box hidden in the palace wall that served as the safe for the storage of state documents. In 1835, the first anti-theft safes were designed in Great Britain, but in 1886 the first fire-proof safe was manufactured.


Nowadays, you can find safes that correspond to customers' needs and desires, which, depending on the intended use, are equipped with appropriate protective functions.


Safes by type of use:

safes for small item storage;

safes for national security needs (in accordance with NATO and SAB requirements);

safes for weapons and ammunition;

data safes;

file cabinets;

key safes;

money safes;

hotel safes;

smart safes;

individual safes;

money repository.


Safes by type of installation:

Free standing safes, possible to fix to the wall or floor;

built-in safes built into wall, floor or furniture;

safe - a separate room, specially designed room.


Safes by physical characteristics:

anti-theft safes – within long period keep from unauthorized access to the contents of the safe. Disadvantage - low fire safety.

fireproof safes - for a certain time protect the contents of the safe from high temperatures and open flames. Disadvantage - low anti-theft function, so these safes should be kept in secure places.

anti-theft and fireproof safes - protect against both opening and fire.


Safe security standards according to European classification:

Standard EN 1143-1 provides the classification of all safe types. Each safe is divided into one of the six security classes from 0 to 6. The higher the class, the heavier is the structure of the safe and the more difficult opening mechanism.

Standard EN 14450 defines the classification of cabinets. There are two security classes S1 and S2.

Types of safe locks:

Safes with key lock are simple and convenient type. Disadvantage - the key can be lost or its copy can be made without knowledge of the owner.

Safes with mechanical code lock - you need to remember the combination of codes and operations, which can often cause problems because it requires high precision.

Safes with key lock and mechanical code lock - along with the key you can input the code that is an additional security mechanism.

Safes with electronic lock - high security level; easy to use.

Safes with biometric lock – opens after fingerprint scanning.

Security and compliance of the safe locks are determined by the European Safety Standard EN 1300, which provides the following security classes: A, B, and C. For example, the safe with the lock of Class A or Class B will be more appropriate for private use. Locks of Class C are used in safes subject to very high and special security conditions.

Our company Consumo offers a wide range of safe products, which include both standardized solutions and models that can be adjusted for each customer’s needs.

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